Sunday, July 6, 2014

Spells Inc. - wet nurse


Anonymous said...

I want this!

Anonymous said...

We wish this was me assuming the role I was made for and doing it as we should for years.

Anonymous said...

I loved this series with the wet nursing. The different spells inc series are great.

Anonymous said...

Don't remember better breast feeding
caps. Wow... Tks

w8z2x4m said...

Okay, I just gotta say that becoming able to supply nourishing sustenance, and share this sweet & creamy gift of woman with a lover has been a deeply erotic fantasy of mine for ages! Too bad that this spell's implementation seems more of a punishment than a reward or kinky exploration between a fun-loving couple!

Anyhow, I do enjoy your work here at "Fam-Fem" and would like to compose something for you, if you'd like.

Elle-Jae of: