Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sweet revenge!

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eleventhdr said...

wow just found this blog site

i love the frist captions where one of the boys is changed into a girl and than has lesbian sex

i've alway's wanted to be a girl and lesbian to i am not a gay male but would be when i am female i am a transgenered male who want's to be a girl and than become lesbian once i am i love the whole idea of being female and having only mostly female lovers ionce i am turned into a girl

i want breast and a pusssy instead of this stupid penis that i was born with

i want to be in panties wear bras dreses skirts slips and be all girly and feminine all soft and round

i do not want a conventional sex gender change but a magic one where i transform in minutes and just become a permanent girl! this is the only way for me wating a long time to become female no way i just want to change into one right now poof it is  all over and done!